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Durability of the 1.4 turbo engine

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I know this is highly speculative, but has anyone an opinion of how long a properly maintained 1.4 turbo engine will last? At 20,000 a year, 50% highway, will it go 200,000 without major repairs? Have we any data on this yet?

Will it for example be as tough as the old 3.8 litre GM engine?

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I would like to hit 200,000 also I just hit 71,000
I bought my '13 cruze with 53K miles 4.25 years ago (fleet or rental car, probably rental), and just turned over 150K. Not uneventful, have had to replace a bunch of coolant system parts, and as I didn't have time to diy, spent a bunch to have the coolant tank, and engine inlet/outlet connectors replace (not at the same time, but guessing a common cause.) Now getting P0599 code, which is thermostat heater circuit error. Ordering new thermostat today.

Previously, had engine misfire, P0399 (i think) codes, did a diy replacement of the ignition module, along with spark plugs. That fixed the problem for a while, but came back. I think that better gas is solving that problem. Mind you, I use what is supposed to be "Top Tier" gas, but I have noticed the problem lessens/goes away when I fill up at a more trusted location, after a tank or two.

Regular with oil changes, back to doing those myself. I take it into a shop for the major scheduled service intervals.

I do 'highway miles', in that technically I am on the highway, but my average speed (prior to the covid shutdown) was under 35mph. It would take me as much as 90 minutes to go just over 40 miles.

Tires were brand new when I bought it, and I've since replaced them once, and have maybe 50% tread left. At some point this goes over to my wife, where it will replace a 2006 ford focus with under 70k miles, so it will probably live forever.
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