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Durability of the 1.4 turbo engine

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I know this is highly speculative, but has anyone an opinion of how long a properly maintained 1.4 turbo engine will last? At 20,000 a year, 50% highway, will it go 200,000 without major repairs? Have we any data on this yet?

Will it for example be as tough as the old 3.8 litre GM engine?

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The 3800 Series II and III are the best pushrod v6 engine ever made for mass production. I almost dumped buying my Cruze to buy a 2007 Grand Prix with an L32, SC 3800 Series III. GM first made the v6 in 1962, sold it to Jeep and then bought it back. In the late 70's the 231CI or 3.8L became the standard displacement for the v6. Then during the 80's this v6 was put in the Turbo Regals, with the most famous being the Grand National. However, the 109 block(from the Grand National) is nowhere near as good as the 3800 Series II and Series III. The Series II and III blocks are just are strong as Buick Motor Sports racing stage 2 3.8L block made in the 80's. The stage 2 blocks easily crank out 1600HP, as long as it had a stage 2 crank, rods, etc. Buick or GM had a lot of time to refine the 3800 and people are now starting to put the 3800 Series II and III (L67 and L32) in Grand Nationals and T-Types because they are so superior to the LC2. Anyway, comparing the family0 1.4L ecotec to the 3800 Series II and III is an apple to oranges comparison. The Buick v6 3.8L or 3800 had a very long life. From 62 to 08, the family 0 1.4L ecotec has only been out for how long. For the family 1 1.0 to 1.5L ecotec, from I what I have read these blocks should be an improvement over the family 0. For one the turbo engines will get a forged crank, instead of a cast crank. I guess we'll see. It would be nice to get 200k miles out of my Cruze with no major repairs.
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