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Dying Battery?

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Received my Cruze brand new off the factory line in August 2014. From what I remember, the starter seemed to turn the engine over rather quickly and the car started no problem. The engine itself continues to this day to start fine, but if it's been sitting for an extended period of time (sometimes I take the work truck home so it could be sitting unused at the shop for 48 hours at the most) the starter seems to turn slower and since it's been getting colder, it seems to struggle even further.

I have a power management system for my dashcam setup and it cuts power to the dashcam when the voltage drops below the configured 12V value. The camera system regularly turns off when the car is parked and almost always turns off when I open the door as power is being drawn from the interior lights and such. This was a slight issue last year but seems to be getting worse this year. Could the battery just be due for a recharge from an external source or is the battery going already? I drive about 40km to work and back 5 days a week, a few short trips typically on the weekend, not too much starting and stopping of the engine. I can get by with the dashcam system turning off as it stays on for most of my parking sessions, I only use it in parking mode when I'm parking in a public area or on the street which isn't often, however I don't want to get stuck somewhere with a dead battery if it is indeed in need of a replacement.

Any thoughts?
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