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Dyno Master Thread

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So I'd made a dyno thread on the Sonic Owners and it's gone over very well. Thought one over here would be useful as well. I'll be working on finding and collecting all the dyno postings on here and once I get most of them rounded up I'll organize the results and post them, although any help with that will be appreciated.

I'll also be combining the Cruze results with the Sonic results so there's a greater depth of results and modification variations.

Minimum requirements: Username/company, Year & model (11 Cruze LS, 14 Cruze ECO,etc), Engine (1.8, 1.4t, 1.6T, 1.6, Diesel), Transmission (AT or MT), HP and torque, Octane, and Modifications at the time of the run.

Recommended additions: Dyno used (dynojet, Mustang, etc), Dyno format (Std, uncorrected, corrected) Temp/Atmospheric conditions

Mandatory Requirements for "Official Rankings": A dyno chart is mandatory for official ranking. An asterik (**) will be next to submissions that do not include a dyno chart.

I'm going to keep the requirements lax for the time being, Lets keep submissions honest and not fudge our numbers to try and gain bragging rights, it will only detract the value of this thread.

Also keep in mind that dyno numbers can and will vary based on factors such as ambient temp, humidity, number of pulls, type of dyno (or even between 1 dyno and another "identical" dyno at another shop), correction/format style, etc, and obviously what's been modified.
While the results are useful be aware that simply comparing two dyno sheets may not be as telling as appearances would have you believe because of the aforementioned variables.
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Dynamometer Results
ATTN: If you're dyno'ing a turbo'd engine make sure the dyno operator has the correction set for SAE J1349 , this is for turbocharged engines. If the other standard is used results will read high (courtesy of Brian from VTuners).

This will be all the results people have gotten on a chassis dyno. Since I've already got the Sonic's done I'll include them now and add the CT results as I get time.

1.4 Results
1. MPFab~~~~~~~~188.41whp, 237.75wtq. Tri(93)/IM/I/CP/E. Graph
a. MPFab~~~~~~~~~~~~174.oowhp, 213.oowtq. ^^Mustang dyno^^.Graph
b. MPFab~~~~~~~~~~~~120.oowhp, 129.oowtq. Stock(93oct)..........

2. Preloader~~~~~~171.16whp, 213.19wtq. Tri/E-85"B"/IM/I/E....Post #6
S3. Foxbox~~~~~~~167.oowhp, 226.oowtq. Tri(93)/I/DP/CB..........Post #33
a. Foxbox~~~~~~~~~~~162.oowhp, 216.oowtq. Tri(93)/I/CB...............Post #20
X. InsanseSpeed~~~162.3owhp, 185.6owtq T(InsaneSpeed)**********
4. Kegsandeggs ~~~159.00whp, 210.52wtq T(HPT)/I/CB........... Post #28
5. ss2000slp~~~~~~159.oowhp, 190.oowtq Tri(93)/I/CB+ **********
6. TurboSonicBoom~157.75whp, 178.95wtq. T(93)/CB................ Graph
7. Trifecta~~~~~~~152.56whp, 193.61wtq. Tri........................Graph
a. Trifecta~~~~~~~~~~~116.37whp, 139.16wtq. Stock....................
X. Bad LS1~~~~~~~151.oowhp, 153.oowtq. Stock(?)/Injen.............Graph
X. buk azwell~~~~~~147.5owhp, 241.92wtq Tri/E-85"R"/I/E/IC.......Graph
X. titan2782~~~~~~~146.81whp, 190.53wtq Tri/F.......Graph
X. boats4life~~~~~~~143.16whp, 163.57wtq. Tri(?)/Injen............. Graph
8. cndctrdj~~~~~~~148.03whp, 183.70wtq. Tri(?)/I................ Post #38
a. cndctrdj~~~~~~~~~~130.oowhp, 138.oowtq. Stock(93oct)...****
9. OmgNoWai~~~~~138.33whp, 161.00wtq. Stock(93oct)..........Graph
10. SonicHotness~ ~138.oowhp, 139.oowtq. Stock(91oct)...****
11. wasteoffilm~~~~117.7owhp, 145.00wtq. Stock(93oct)/I/CB............... Post #27
12. Ol Blue~~~~~~~117.44whp, 142.34wtq. Stock(87oct)...........Graph, post#23
13. jetta~~~~~~~~~114.8owhp, 125.80wtq. T(88oct)/E/non turbo. (TQ in N/m). Post #7

1.6 Results

1.8 Results
1. $ub$sonic~~~~~~125.5owhp, 125.oowtq Tri(93oct)/I/E.......... Post #36

2.0 Diesel Results

Sonics= Red names
Cruze= Blue names
Tri = Trifecta Full Tune
Tri"B" = Trifecta Budget Tune
E-85"B" = Tri E-85, blue pill tune (stock clutch)
E-85"R" = Tri E-85, red pill tune (Auto, or upgraded clutch)
VT = Vermont Tuners tune
T = Tune (other than those previously listed)
Stock = O.E.M. tune
I = Intake
F = Air Filter
H = Header or Aftermarket/other than stock Turbo Manifold
DP = Aftermarket Down pipe
CB = Cat-back exhaust
CB+ = Cat-back with second cat delete
E = Full exhaust with cat &/or muffler
E+ = Full exhaust, straight piped
N2O = Nitrous
METH = Water/Meth Injection
TB = Ported or aftermarket throttle body
PH = Ported, aftermarket head/headwork
IM = Ported, aftermarket, or better than stock intake manifold
PT = Ported Turbo housing or manifold
T = Aftermarket Turbo
T+ = Upgraded stock turbo
C = Cams
AM = Airbox mod (******* Intake/RNI, etc)
IC = Intercooler
CP = Chargepipes

******= No dyno graph posting
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PID Results

For those that don't know PIDs are the HP/TQ that the ECM calculates off the engine. They've been reported to be very accurate albeit it is a measurement of crankshaft power and not wheel power like a typical dyno. As such the numbers should be higher than the dyno results.

Theoretically the PIDs should be about 15% higher versus a dyno, to be frank I'm not certain this is the case with GMs torque calculation, i have a hunch they are much closer than that.

1.4 PIDs
1.4 Results
1. Turbotech~~~~178hp, 201tq. VT(93)..................
2. Kuntryboy865~170hp, 196tq. Tri(93)/I/CB.................
3. SX sonic~~~~~159hp, 195tq Tri(93)/I/DP/IM/TB/PT.......
a. SX sonic~~~~~~~175hp, 214 tq Tri(93)/I/DP/IM/TB/PT/CB******* HP was calculated off of torque and not from Trifecta, unofficial numbers.

1.6 PIDs

1.8 PIDs
1. mitdr774 159hp, 130tq. Tri(93)/I/H/E

2.0 Diesel PIDs
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Lil update. I've got a few Cruze's added, I'll rearrange the rankings and polish the format once I get all postings. Its slow going without internet at home, I'd tried opening all the threads with postings in different tabs and taking the laptop home to finish offline............. My computer crashed when I woke it up to put everything in here, to much awesome to handle I guess lol. Now its just a few at a time.

On that note if your names not in here then feel free to post a link to your thread or post the graph and your mods, it'd help immensely.

Or if you have updated results from what I've got posted or the mods I show listed aren't right then get me the up to date/correct info. Alot of the threads I've found are quite old so I'm sure a few of you guys have some updates.
It might be helpful to make a key sort of thing to explain what all the modification abbreviations are for. This would be specifically helpful for new people like me who aren't sure what it all means :)
You US guys have some weird dyno's that generate extremely high readings, but back to being on topic.

1.6 Turbo Cruze M6 - tune only, no other mods - red line. stock - green line
130 (real) wheel horsepower

Red Line data logs 280nm/206ft lbs @ 4k rpm on the dyno
Green line logs 224/165ft lbs
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Cruze 2.0 diesel 2010 AT 5 speed .
Stock 146 hp / 253 lb-ft (344 Nm)
Stage 1 : 186 hp /310 lb-ft (420 Nm)
Stage 2 : 196 hp/328 lb-ft ( 444 Nm ) (( DPF + EGR delete + remap ))

Text Line Font Diagram Plot
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What color wire did you guys use for the tach signal for trq reading?
Also mfab has since updated his runs
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With what mods..?
With what mods..?
Sorry, I forgot that part!

Just a simple drop in K&N air filter, and a Pro-Tune (via HPTuners) by a local GM tuner who knows what he's doing ;)
Sorry, I forgot that part!

Just a simple drop in K&N air filter, and a Pro-Tune (via HPTuners) by a local GM tuner who knows what he's doing ;)
Which tuner are you using here in Denver? I'm getting ready to do a few more mods and would like to meet someone around here to do it. The only guy I know can only tune 1 thing for the cruze and that's the diablosport tune.
Which tuner are you using here in Denver? I'm getting ready to do a few more mods and would like to meet someone around here to do it. The only guy I know can only tune 1 thing for the cruze and that's the diablosport tune.
Oh dear lordy lord, NOOOO don't use the Diablosport Tune. :S-A-Smack::disgust (1):

American Intense Racing

American Intense Racing

Call Clint @ AIR. Tell him Colin sent you (the friend of Milan with the 1000whp Corvette). He'll hook you up. He's a sick GM tuner, really knows his stuff. He can probably even pull up my tune in his system and tweak it to fit your car.

It'll be a full, custom tune, better than any "canned" or "shelf" tunes you can buy via the internet. Especially here in Colorado, with our elevation, you need more attention to the tune than most realize down at sea level. Things are different up here.

Let me know what happens man!
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