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Earliest stages of considering a new '16 or '17 Gen 2 LS

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I have $3K in GM card cash and $2,500 in Goodwill cash. I'm thinking I can get an LS pretty **** reasonably--and a '16 for about $1,500 less than a '17.

I looked at issues in Gen 2 and I saw a couple 'no start' issues. Is this fairly commonplace on the Gen 2's do you think? Any reason to pick a '17 over a leftover new '16? Actually, I see the U.S./Canadian parts content percentage went down from '16 to '17 per the window sticker, which would lean me towards a '16, but my dealer has only one '16 left in a color I'm not nutso about.

How do people like the start/stop feature?

Thanks for any input you can give me. The car would replace my excellent '08 Cobalt.
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This will be an enormous change from a cobalt.

Like me, you keep your vehicles for the long run. Life is short. Health fleeting. Get a colour combo that you can live with for at least a decade, if not more. This will likely be your last car that you drive yourself. In a decade self-driving cars will be as commonplace as iPads are today and that didn't exist in our world a decade ago.

If the '17 is already built then the parts content difference is academic. On an order that is custom built for you I do think you've got a stronger argument on content. The difference you're observing today may be attributable to different option content, or maybe even the paint colour itself as some fancy pigments come from Japan and Germany.
If you buy a DIESEL, the US/Canadian content will drop significantly, the engine s MADE IN HUNGARY.
IMO, if the financials permit, then get a 17 to your liking.
Have you driven the car of choice yet? Just remember the L/LS is lacking features you can't just add in later w/o trading the whole car in besides the center console swap and radio bezels for piano black to make it feel less discounted. You may be able to add the arm rest in the back as well but you will be swapping the entire back seat out at the cost of what GM sells the seats for since wrecks will be a hard find to pull a part from.

That being said the content list is gonna be all over the place for American cars, you will end up finding foreign cars with more American content than American brand cars.
I've read that the location of final assembly, transmission assembly, and engine assembly don't figure in at all in the parts content percentages, and I guess that's only logical.

I was going out to look at some today, but it's too **** cold--single digits!

I'm OK with an LS, just because with four cars in our fleet and all getting older, I'd like to keep price down.

The two nearest dealers have several LS's with window stickers of $20,400--per their websites--but then also, several at $20,540. Either the latters have one extra option or I bet, are built after a price increase. Latest production is probably a benefit IMHO.
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