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Easy access to antenna cable (stereo end)

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Out of nowhere, a few days ago, my car radio started getting terrible reception. I can only pick up 1 or 2 of my stations that I regularly use and the reception on those are terrible, as well.

I am thinking (hoping) maybe the antenna cable became disconnected from the head unit?

I made sure the antenna was tightened down, but it didnt help the reception issues.

Can I reach the back of the radio through a side panel or something, or do I need to go at it from the front and remove all of the panels and bolts?
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Front. It's really tight back there.

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You have to start at the bottom front with the trim around the gear shifter which pops off because IT is held in place with plastic tabs .. make sure you undertake this procedure when your interior is well heated so the plastic parts pop out and not break out ..

Next is the trim around the HVAC and the HU itself . You will then seek those pesky screws that must be removed . Once ya get all that secures the HU in place the HU will simply slide forwards .. there are 2 antanna connections and both are locked into location . So come to think of IT you probably have a Break some where along that wire for the antenna reception .. check the base upon your roof !

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