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I remember him saying something along the lines of the EasyCare extended warranty taking the place of or being better than the GMPP.
Of course the salesman will say that. I remember getting cards in the mail that my car warranty was about to expire. I'd laugh. Because I was driving 15-20 year old cars at that time. My only temptation was to turn it in to the State Attorneys office.

It is (full name) The GM Protection Plan powered by Ally.

So, yes, the program still exists......the administration is the same......the underwriter is National General and has been for over 20 years.....just was never advertised that way.
It was a product of GMAC but because of all the banking realignments and such, GMAC became Ally financial.

If you are going to put a contract on your car......any brand, only purchase manufacturer backed programs.
Manufacturer programs are designed to pay, not deny, claims with a overall loss ratio of around 85%.
That means, 85% of money taken in is utilized for claim payment with the remainder used for administration expense.
So is "The GM Protection Plan powered by Ally" the "old" plan and would you still consider it a "manufacturer-backed" program? (And what is the difference between it and the current GM plan?) The reason I ask is my B2B has got about 2 months left and I need to make a decision. I procrastinated this long thinking the old plan wasn't available and as long as the B2B was still in play it was the same price.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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