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Hi everyone,
First post on this forum, lots of good info on here!!

I've looked everywhere and haven't had much luck, so I thought I would ask everyone on here...
My girlfriend is sick of her "not so great" stock headlights in her Cruze, highs are okay but she doesn't like the lows at all. We live out in the country/sticks and do a lot of back road/deer filled night driving. She wants better night visibility and a new look to separate her Cruze from the rest of the crowd.
Well I've shown her the Halo/DRL strip housings you can get off of eBay and she tells me those are the ones. For looks, they look cool and are classy looking.
For performance...? I've heard from some sources that the projectors actually do a decent job. Here's a link to the ones I'm referring to:
For All 2011 2014 Chevy Cruze Halo Projector Black Headlights w LED DRL Bar | eBay

Anyway, they say that they are HID compatible - For the projectors ~ low beams. I'd like to get a nice HID setup for the low beams, maybe a 35W 6000K.
My only concern is...these aftermarket headlights have 2 bulbs, compared to the single stock.
I want to be able to run HID's in both the low beam(projector) and the high beam(reflector) side.
Do you guys think it's possible to run HID's in both sides?
If so what kind of kit would I have to get?
I'm not experienced with the dual headlight setup like these aftermarket units have. I just want to give her a nice light down the road, something much better than stock. I'm gonna shy away from a retrofit kit for now because I simply don't have the time in my schedule to do something like that at this time.
Any help and opinions are greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!!

I'm really experienced when it comes to HIDs, and while HIDs in separate high beams may seem great, it's really not.

1 in those specific housings, the high beam reflector is far too small and would overheat and possibly melt quickly, and 2 separate high beam HIDs are bad because they take time to warm up, so flicking them on and off is very annoying/dangerous when going 60 mph in the country at 60% brightness for 10-15 seconds until they warm up.

The best thing for separate high beam if you want white light still, is some high quality high powered LED bulbs. That's what most high end manufacturers use, or they just stick with halogens.
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