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Hopefully GM will step up and figure out what is going on; averaging 33.6 mpg this week and that's with 80+ miles of daily interstate driving with the cruise dead on the speed limit and 7 miles of city driving at 35-45 mph.

This sucks...
Last week I dropped down to 34 mpg for one tank. It sucked, but it had to do mainly with running the air on full and having extra people in the car. The only advice I can give is what I have noticed.

- Slower accelerations. I lose most of my MPG on accelerations. You really notice it when you’re getting 44 DIC (city) and you take off from a light to get in front of someone and 1/2 a mile down you are sitting at 42.8. Think about it, having 100 miles on the tank that gave you an average of 44 and losing over a MPG after just one acceleration. It isn't even the RPM, you have RPM up too 2500 - 2600 and still get good gas mileage if your acceleration is slow.
- A/C is the biggest killer, mainly on 3 and 4. I run mine always at 2 with interior circulation on. I usually cool the car off with the windows down first and then switch on the A/C.

This tank I am back up to 44. Its been cooler and I have been taking it easy on the petal.

Its summer, I swear people are crazier and that forces us to be crazier. Heat makes people frustrated and because of that prob makes us drive crazier. That little bit of craziness makes a huge difference, especially with the A/C on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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