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2014 North America Diesel, LUZ.

The other day, my battery was dead in the morning before work (9V). Car is kept in a heated garage. I chalked it up to having 61k miles, and 54 months on it. ACDelco dealer replacement battery. First one lasted 76k miles and 55 months, so it sorta checks out. But just in case, I put a current clamp on the B- cable, and low and behold it's at 2.5A. I started pulling fuses one at a time to see if I could nail down a parasitic draw. The entire UBEC, including relays and I got nothing. I started the under dash fuse box, and I only got through the OnStar and radio screen one before the current reading went to almost zero. So I stopped. At this point, I just put it on the 4.5A charger for the next couple hours.

Later, I started the car up, and parked it outside and let it idle for about an hour to charge the battery further, while I went about my business elsewhere outside.

Now, my ECO screen is weird. The 25mile average took over 50 miles to start doing anything that resembled normal. It stayed at 0.9MPG for like 30 miles before it slowly recovered. The 50MPG average screen has not recovered. 500 shows my average, but still dashes as expected for "best score."

The real weird one through is the trend line screen. It used to show a 30 mile average (3 miles per vertical bar), and the y-axis was labeled as 0-50. It now shows 0-30. It appears as though the vertical bars for the trend line are correct (something close to 40 most of the time or better).

Anybody seen that weirdness?

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