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Eco wheels - 100 ft-lbs?

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Hi folks.

Just removed/replaced the wheels on my '11 Eco for the first time. Manual says 100 ft-lbs for the lug nuts.

That seems like a ton. This is the 4th car I've owned w/ alloy wheels, and none of them specified close to that much torque.

What's more is that when I removed them they were nearly that tight from the factory.

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i guess i'm old school or something because i tighten my lug nuts like every other car i've ever owned.

1) snug
2) star pattern snug
3) star pattern snug a 2 time
4) one more time to make sure they are tight

or if i'm using a air gun... pull the trigger... daattt dattt daaatttt datttt daattt.. tight.

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90-100 is the basic standard for a lug that size, so that is what you should use. 100 really isn't that much
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