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Eddie's 2014 Cruze slow build

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Bought this car about a month ago with 48k miles. 2014 2LT 1.4T...leather, no back up cam or sensors...thought it was odd for a 2LT.

PO had the windows and markers tinted, plastidip'd the front cross bar thing on the grille and put in a amp/sub. First mod was Weathertechs, got a sweet deal on ebay for a mint set. Next up was an AEM intake and a tune. I come from the truck world where my built motor is tuned by Black Bear Performance, so I asked Justin to handle the tuning on the Cruze as well. His tune woke up the lil 1.4 and it actually spins the tires now.

So with that out of the way, I looked into a trunk release button and picked up this lil guy

Just waiting on my 2 shot relay to come in and it will be installed.

Since this thing didn't come with a backup cam, I found a kit on Amazon by Rosen/EchoMaster FC-GMLN

Its no longer made but Im hoping it works....will go in as soon as the relay shows up.
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Hey nice power and sound build. Do you mind if I ask where you got the spacers and is there any chatter on hard accel or heavy braking?
These are pretty affordable. Thanks Eddie! Hopefully my build eta to where yours is soon.
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1 - 2 of 91 Posts
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