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Eddie's 2014 Cruze slow build

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Bought this car about a month ago with 48k miles. 2014 2LT 1.4T...leather, no back up cam or sensors...thought it was odd for a 2LT.

PO had the windows and markers tinted, plastidip'd the front cross bar thing on the grille and put in a amp/sub. First mod was Weathertechs, got a sweet deal on ebay for a mint set. Next up was an AEM intake and a tune. I come from the truck world where my built motor is tuned by Black Bear Performance, so I asked Justin to handle the tuning on the Cruze as well. His tune woke up the lil 1.4 and it actually spins the tires now.

So with that out of the way, I looked into a trunk release button and picked up this lil guy

Just waiting on my 2 shot relay to come in and it will be installed.

Since this thing didn't come with a backup cam, I found a kit on Amazon by Rosen/EchoMaster FC-GMLN

Its no longer made but Im hoping it works....will go in as soon as the relay shows up.
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Looks good so far. I looked at adding that trunk switch, but I wanted the airbag indicator as well. I found it, but it was first out of stock, then they stopped making it. So I made my own. I added a separate relay for the trunk switch under the dash.

Does the backup cam kit reprogram the MyLink unit?
Is the back-up cam installed yet? If not, can you document how you will be doing it?
not in yet, but I will make sure to document the process
I have mine physically installed, but the wires terminate in a pile by the brake pedal at the moment. :huh:
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did you get the same kit I got?

No, mine is a Chinese camera and the plan is to hook it to my not yet installed larger GM mirror with video screen embedded in it.

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From Sandy Blogs:

[h=2]Inoperative Heated Seats[/h]
January 9, 2015
The driver and front passenger heated seats (RPO KA1) may be inoperative on some 2010-2013 Lacrosse; 2010-2015 Camaro, Equinox, Terrain; 2011-2015 Regal, Cruze, Volt; 2012-2015 Verano, Sonic; and 2013-2015 Malibu models. DTC U0209 (Lost Communication with Front Seat Heating Control Module) may be set in the HVAC module.

The inoperative heated seats condition may be due to an intermittent software issue within the heated seat module that results in loss of communication from the HVAC module.

TIP: Do not replace the heated seat module for this condition.

If both heated seats are inoperative and DTC U0209 is set in the HVAC module, remove the appropriate fuse for the K29 Seat Heating Control Module and reinstall. This will reset the K29 Seat Heating Control Module.

Next, reprogram the K29 Seat Heating Control Module using the latest calibration in TIS2Web, available December 8, 2014.

If both heated seats are inoperative but DTC U0209 is not present, follow the normal heated seat inoperative diagnostics in the appropriate Service Information.

– Thanks to Christopher Crumb

And from the owners manual:

Remote Start Heated Seats
When it is cold outside, the heated
seats can be turned on
automatically during a remote
vehicle start. The heated seats will
be canceled when the ignition is
turned on. Press the control to use
the heated seats after the vehicle is
The heated seat indicator lights on
the control do not turn on during a
remote start.
The temperature performance of an
unoccupied seat may be reduced.
This is normal.
The heated seats will not turn on
during a remote start unless the
heated seat feature is enabled in
the vehicle personalization menu.
See Remote Vehicle Start on
page 2-10 and Vehicle
Personalization on page 5-35.

Vehicle Personalization
The audio system controls are used
to access the personalization
menus for customizing vehicle
CONFIG (Configuration): Press to
access the Configuration
Settings menu.
MENU/SEL: Press the center of
this knob to enter the menus and
select menu items. Turn the knob to
scroll through the menus.
BACK: Press to exit or move
backward in a menu.
Entering the Personalization
1. Press CONFIG to access the
Configuration Settings menu.
2. Turn the MENU/SEL knob to
highlight Vehicle Settings. Press
the CONFIG button until Vehicle
is highlighted on vehicles with a
navigation system only.

Remote Start Auto Heat Seats
On vehicles with remote start and
heated seats, the heated seats can
be set to on or off.
Press the MENU/SEL knob when
Remote Start Auto Heat Seats is
highlighted to open the menu. Turn
the knob to highlight On or Off.
Press the BACK button to confirm
the selection and move back to the
last menu.
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Previous owner had stated that the driver heated seat didn't work. When I'd press the button, it would flash and then turn off. I ordered a new element and went to try it out before having my upholstery shop install it. Turns out that the element was just unplugged. Plugged in the new one and it warmed up FAST...unplugged it and plugged in the original and the seat was warm within seconds. Oh well, guess I have a spare element now.

Next up are fog lamps...already have the oem fog light switch installed and the dash does indicate when I turn them on.
Some of the more useful Foglight threads:

Budget OEM Fog Lights Install

Fog light plug

Answers for fog light reprogramming for 2013's

Eco Cruze Fog Light Install--Warning: Lots of pics!!

How-To: Install Fog Lights WITHOUT Removing Front Bumper
Fog light plug
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How about a fresh picture or two?
Man I wish had a nice clean garage to work in....

Looks good
Are you a body guy? If so, do a quick and dirty how to - you know take pics at each step.
Did you finish the trunk lid?
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Picked up an SS sedan steering wheel with paddle that wired up and installed
Did you do a write up on how to get the paddle shifters to work or for that matter the whole process? I have a Camaro wheel with paddle shifters and need to plan for the install.
Theres a how to for both already. Followed that and i was set.

So you followed both to a T and had no issues?

How to remove and replace your steering wheel

I cannot locate a paddle shifter tutorial


[h=1]Install Working paddle shifters (How-to)[/h]

Had to trim my air bag plastic a bit to make it fit on the steering wheel and my bag only had one connector, everything else was just as described in the how tos.

Install Working paddle shifters (How-to)
I have actually already read that, forgot about it and lost it.

Time to reread and add it to the TOC



Now I realize why I could not find it, it was in the wrong subforum
Forgot to mention that I picked up a pair of these too

Will install the Oncore tweeters on that
Nice find. Do these fit the area where the mirrors are or over the existing tweeters?
How is the quality. They look like blow molded pieces.
it looks, feels and weights about the same as stock covers.

Well, at that price, I might have to get a pair just in case....
got some Verano undercarriage panels...hope they fit! lol. My GTX250 shows up this Monday, injectors, valve springs and a secret beta testing part show up today....cant wait! Should be pushing over 300hp soon
I have a set from an ECO. When you figure out how to attach them, let me know.
I assume the studs aren't there? Figured I would just drill the floor pan and nutsert the hole for a bolt.
Correct. Aren't you worried about rust/water infiltration?
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Hey man did u do the 200 mile brake in period or no? Cause mine got put into limp mode just holding at 10psi
He has not been online here for about 8 months. But if you read this from above...
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