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Electical problem

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For some reason my stereo turns off and on randomly. When it does that I can't hear the tick of the car's left and right signal. The engine light is also on. When I got it checked I was told that the catalytic converter was partially clogged but my dealer told me that was replaced with a new one before I financed it. Could it have to do with the electrical system? I already spent too much trying to get this issue resolved. The car is at 67XXX miles. Anyone knows what could be wrong?
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If you have to take IT in for the TSB . Definitely go to a different dealership.
I understand there may be a update to the radio's software that addresses crashing. You might want to ask the dealer about that as well.
Yes that does sound a lot like what my car is doing. It shows all of this signs including where it says the Trac system message showing up. I will most definitely look into fixing that cable.
If you have to take IT in for the TSB . Definitely go to a different dealership.
What do you mean by TSB. I don't know what that is.
I found the meaning online I'll look into that also thank you.
First a problem with the ignition relay in the underhood fuse box, label under the cover tells were it was at. First sign of dirty contacts was the radio in my Cruze.

Second problem that screwed up a lot more than the radio, was large voltage drop across the negative battery cable. Not the old one, but the new one with the correct clamp on it. Was inside the negative battery terminal where that large cable is crimped in. Was all corroded on the inside. Just took it is apart and soldered it.

Ignition relay sure has tiny contacts for up to a 45 amp load.

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On practically all relays, a circuit is shown for the solenoid and contacts, also the solenoid voltage and contact rating is specified. On this relay, it ain't got anything.
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