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2015 Cruze 1.4L engine 6 speed AT
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've been to three Chevrolet dealers and no one has fixed the issue.
Shocking! :rolleyes::eek:
Sadly, no it isn't.
The dealer where I purchased the car said it would take weeks to check the entire electrical system.
Umm, weeks to fit you into the schedule? or weeks to figure it out?
I've been told that some exposed cables were the problem
Ok lets think about this rationally. If exposed cables are the problem, that would a very quick and easy fix. FFS they don't have a clue, do what you will but they are clueless. More over, I had read hundreds of posts with people having problems, and not one person I can think of has had a problem from "exposed cables".

Recall no.
General Motors LLC (GM) is recalling certain model year 2013-2014 Buick Encore all-wheel-drive vehicles manufactured August 23, 2012, to September 9, 2013; Verano vehicles manufactured August 8, 2012, to June 20, 2013; Chevrolet Cruze vehicles manufactured August 7, 2012, to August 16, 2013, and 2012-2014 Chevrolet Sonic vehicles manufactured May 10, 2011, to August 16, 2012 equipped with a Calix oil pan/block heater. In cold temperatures, the insulation on the engine block heater cord can become damaged, allowing the wires to be exposed.
I'll give you some credit because you seem to have tried looking. I'll be kind since it is pretty obvious you don't have much car knowledge. I would say you are barking up the wrong tree with this recall. But, you aren't even in the right forest.
Please let me know if you have any ideas.
I can think of three cheap and easy fixes it could be. I'll gladly help you check them out if you are willing. If you plan on taking it to a dealership I'm not going to waste my time, the average mechanic really really hates it when they are told the problem. And even if you are right, I 100% guarantee there will be another issue that they will say caused the problem. :censored:
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