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Electrical problems - 2010 1.6T Cruze LT

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I am having serious issues with my Chevrolet Cruze 2010 LT 1.6L Engine.
It began with stalling and loss of power. The coil was diagonized as being faulty and changed. Less than 1 week after the change, it failed again. A different dealer diagonized the coil again as being faulty and it was changed. The dealer however noted that one of the plug wires was damaged but he could fix it. After this, the car was functional for about 3 weeks and went down again. We then made order for the coil as well as the plug cables. barely 4 days after, we are back to square one again.
Can someone kindly advise what could be the possible cause of this?
I observed that when i try to use the flash headlight, it doesn't come on. When the lights are on at night, and i use the flash, the headlights go off when i pull the flash switch/arm/control, and then comes back on when i release the arm/switch.
All other electronics/devices in the car are working perfectly.
Please i am getting really frustrated with this.
The car has a Mileage of about 82k, i bought the car brand new in 2010.
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Ben, where are you located? I ask because this may help in assisting you. My best guess is you have an electrical short somewhere in your system. I really don't see how the coil pack can impact the head lights.
My guess is you have two problems: Something is taking out the coil pack. If you haven't done it yet, I'd suggest changing sparkplugs. If the gap opens up too wide, it stresses the coil.

Secondly, I think something is wrong with your high beams. Either blown bulbs, blown fuse or bad high beam relay.
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