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2014 LT, Automatic Transmission
117k miles

I had just gotten on the freeway and there was a loss of power from the engine accompanied by a heavy rumble. The Check Engine light began flashing indicating a missfire. I also started to get the "Service stabilitrak/traction control" combination. Power started to reduce, the radio shut off, I put it into neutral and managed to coast onto the shoulder. The motor had stalled out. I waited a few minutes and attempted a restart, the motor would crank but would not turn over.

Eventually I had it towed home. I had the codes pulled and received the following:

OBDII codes:
P0261- Cylinder 1 Fuel Injector low Voltage
P0264- Cylinder 2 Fuel Injector low Voltage
P0267- Cylinder 3 Fuel Injector low Voltage
P0270- Cylinder 4 Fuel Injector low Voltage
P0304- Misfire.

I reviewed these forums and saw the recall on the battery cable. I replaced it myself, but that has not solved the problem.

since it's every fuel injector is having the same problems, I'm presuming something might have gone wrong with the PCM.

Anyone else run into a problem like this?

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You've got a short somewhere. Either shorting to another wire if you lucky to have another circuit acting up. Or a short to ground. Wonder if the 2 and 4 injectors run along the 1 and 3 somewhere.

Given the typical firing order though. 1,3,4,2. One would think 1 and 4, 2 and 3. Would be the same circuits.

That'll be a real headache to find.

Hopefully someone has some answers to help you look somewhere.
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