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Electronics going haywire

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I've been noticing random electronics going haywire in my 2011 cruze eco M/T and I'm hoping someone can help me.

I've noticed on several occasions when I'm sitting in my car and the ebrake is on and the car is in neutral it suddenly thinks it's moving. The cars spedometer will start to move a bit, the doors will lock and I hear this ding ding ding noise warning me the ebrake is on. The car is parked and isn't even moving.

The spedometer has also gone crazy when I've been sitting at a red light once before.

Also the trip odometer/fuel milage is messed up. It shows 1.999999.

I even also noticed once the radio would not shut off even though I took the key out and left the vehicle.

Any idea what could be causing all of this?

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Battery. You need a new battery.
Have you had the negative battery cable update performed?

Don't go on a hunting trip till that has been completed.....Special Coverage for ten years, 120k miles.

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I agree with the above posts. It is likely due to improper voltages. This could be due to the loose negative cable crimp as mentioned by Robby. If that has been taken care of, or isn't an issue, it's likely a weak/bad battery as mentioned by Tomko. Have that replaced after making sure the negative cable has been taken care of.
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