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GM Bulletin:

Some portable audio equipment may be susceptible to certain types of electronic noise present in the vehicle's 12V power outlet.
Here are two ways to eliminate this type of interference:
If the audio device is capable of being self-powered (battery), use it that way instead of plugging it into the vehicle's power outlet.

Have the customer purchase a Ground Loop Isolator, such as *Radio Shack Catalog #270-054. This device plugs in between the radio and the customer's audio device. It is packed with one included Y-Adapter. If purchasing the *Radio Shack product, you will require an additional Y-Adapter (Catalog #274-369). This device should be installed between the audio player and the AUX input of the vehicle radio. These catalog numbers are stocked nationally at *Radio Shack Retail Stores in the U.S. and are currently available. Other similar products are available through other electronics or car stereo retailers defined as Ground Loop Isolators.
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