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Engaging sound when hitting 2,000 rpm's?

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I have a new 2013 chevy cruze lt....first off...before i even made a payment my brakes went out! The dealer said that a bolt was not torqued right at the factory, letting my brake fluid all leak out.
I had that fixed, no problem. However, I have noticed that when I am in park and pull out, once I hit the 2 on the rpms (2,000 I assume?) I hear (and feel) a something is engaging. It's close to the sound that the door locks make when they lock, but they have already locked before I hear this sound. I was wondering if anyone else has heard or experienced this?
I asked at the dealer today because, after making my 1st payment, I hit a deer on an Interstate (I live in pennsylania). Nothing too bad, well, at least that a week and a half in the body shop hasn't fixed. Regardless, the shop foreman said that he has not heard of this and I will have to go back to take him for a ride so they can see what I am talking about.
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Welcome to CruzeTalk. It sucks that they missed a bolt on the brakes but hopefully no one was hurt and no accident occurred. Your dealership sounds like they have their act together. The sound you're hearing is the ABS self check that occurs the first time the car passes 12.4 MPH after being started. It's normal.

Got pics of your new ride?
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