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engine chirp

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my engine makes a chirp sound at idle and gets faster if i rev the car. i searched about it and found things suggesting its the plugs not torqued down enough or something about a crank case seal. i also read to pull the dipstick and it stops, but in my case it seemed to get louder. any ideas? thanks guys.
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the car only has 26,000 miles btw
"Chirping" when it come to engines is usually 1 of 2 things. Slightly blown head gasket(EZ to diagnose with CCP test) OR a bearing going out! I'd guess he second and with it getting loader from the CRANK dipstick, I'd say crank bearing.

Drain your oil into a clean container, then slowly pour the oil into another clean container. If you see a metallic shimmer to the oil you're screwed.
i cant imagine it being that with the low mileage on the car. it also doesnt it make the noise EVERY time. its seems to do so more if im driving it around then stop for a little and then start it back up and drive again. but ill look at all options.
A/C on?

A GM Tech said that he'd recently been having a rash of these cars (1.4) with bad serpentine belt tensioners. Sure enough, I've heard mine chirping twice now with the A/C on.
i havent really tried it with it on and off to see if it makes a difference. im gonna try that as well as re torque my plugs, i have to re gap them anyway.
UPDATE: so before i left work yesterday, i checked my oil, thinking if it was a crank bearing like someone suggested it most likely would be bad from not getting enough oil. that checked out, the oil level was fine. so i made sure to snug the dipstick back in real good, took the oil cap off and looked inside and made sure that was on properly. everything good there. Then i start the car.... no birds chirping anymore, and hasn't since then either. not sure what i did, maybe some GM wizardry was at work. but ill let y'all know if it comes back.
i feel like its one of those problems that you try to explain to your dealer or mechanic, but then when you bring it to them, it doesn't do it. but as soon as your ass gets home, there it is again. or maybe im just crazy and hearing things haha
so this chirp came back... and it just so happened that my EFIlive tune came in from BNR so when i flashed it on to my car and went for a test drive i noticed i was getting some spark blow out. bought new plugs, gapped them and went to install and 2 of the plugs in the car i could of unscrewed by hand. installed new plugs, took the 2 seconds to actually torque them this time and poof, chirp was gone. torque your plugs! and spark blow out disappeared as well.
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