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Engine cooling issue, or not?

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I have a 2013 LTZ/RS with the 1.4 turbo. Car has 55k miles and has never given me any problems at all, heck still have the original tires on the thing. Since new I have noticed something very strange with this car when it comes to the coolant flow through the radiator. You can drive the car all day long and the bottom radiator hose never seems to get hot or even warm at the radiator. The top radiator hose gets hot just as it should and all the other coolant hoses. The left, (driver side), of the radiator seems to be warm/hot, but the right, (passenger side), always stays cool. This is the side the bottom radiator hose is on and it is cool to the touch from the radiator to just before it attaches to the water pump. I would say there is some flow from somewhere because the coolant tank does drop when cold and raise when car is warmed up. Never had any physical overheating signs at all. Only once has this car thrown up a code of any kind, which was the "A/C off due to overheat". This was a fluke in my opinion because the car was not hot when this happened. The fan went into high speed and I opened hood and car did not seem hot at all. Temp gauge in car even still showed normal. I turned car off and restarted and it has never repeated the issue. That was well over a year ago. I then learned that the temp sensor could act up and cause this issue, and if it did it again, I would replace the sensor or sensors causing this issue. I do not feel this has anything to do with this issue I am seeking answers for because the cool lower radiator hose has been an issue since this car was new. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue? If so, is it common, or can some others check their cars and see if they are the same as mine? Again, no error codes, no running issues, just seems very strange to me that it would be this way. I would think it should not be this way. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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Thanks Rob. I've always worked on cars all my life. My Father and Grandfather were both mechanics. Restored several over the years. Never have seen this before. Does make sense now that you mentioned it. I have been well pleased with this car so far. This is the first small car I have ever owned, bought for my daughter, but I have been driving it some, and really like the thing. All my other cars are V-8's, V-6's, and Duramax diesel. I may end up taking this away from her, it is a lot of fun to drive!
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