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Engine Light Codes P3055 & P3056

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I purchased a 2016 Cruze LS about 1 moth ago. The car has 31k on it and I have just gotten my first check engine light. I took it to Autozone to have them scan it. 2 codes came up P3055 & p3056.

Im having a hard time finding what these codes are online. I was hoping this would help out. Thank You
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Looks like it has to do with the stop/start system (btw, there is a recall out for the upper brake light if you haven't already had that taken care of). Look for water in the battery compartment in the trunk.

I'd take it to the dealer and let them deal with it.

Looks like it's an issue on Malibus with a derivative of the Cruze's engine as well.

16-NA-093: Vehicle Remote Start Inoperative, Malfunction Indicator Lamp (Check Engine Light) ON, with P3055 and/or P3056 Set – 2016 Chevrolet Malibu |
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