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Engine noise

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Bought a 2011 LTZ for my son, drove out to the dealer to get a spare key, come out start it up and I hear a change noise. It's slower than the engine speed and kind of a wah, wah, wah (once per second).
Next day I invited my brother over, found out the engine needs to be warm before the sound starts.
He doesn't have a clue either, says ask a Cruze forum.
So hear I am.
Can anyone help?
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AC compressor has a clutch, but it's always on when the AC is on (vs clutching on and off). Your description of the noise did remind me of a bad compressor, but didn't want to jump to that with just a description, and the fluorescent dye you see is a refrigerant leak (or past one) - the factory R134 charge contains dye as well.
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