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Engine power surging, electric problems?

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My cruze is running like garbage even with a brand new transmission and clutch disc. At times there will be an abundance of power when accelerating it and other times it will have no power at all. Car is a 2011 chevrolet cruze eco.

Here are the symptoms:
Starting out in first gear the car will need at least 2000 Rpms or it will almost stall. Let the clutch out too fast and it will have little torque, let the clutch out too slow and it will have little torque. It's so hit and miss.

The stick shifter is very jiggly and loose 99% of the time. It doesn't feel like it's locked into each gear. Then out of the blue and just for a few seconds it will stiffen up and lock into gear well.

The car is so jerky and I can often hear the gears clicking when shifting when my windown are rolled down.

No matter which garage I take my car to, nobody can seem to diagnose this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I forgot to mention that when stopped at a red light and holding the brake, the car likes to idle high at 1000 rpm. Could this be related to the issue I have starting out in first gear?
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Have you had your spark plugs changed recently? I'm asking because with my 2011 automatic Cruze that my wife drives it would stutter real bad when accelerating. I had replaced the spark plugs with double platinum(I think) and it turned out that was the reason it was running like garbage. I bought iridium plugs that were pre gapped and haven't had a problem with accelerating since then. If I misunderstood what your issue is sorry in advance.

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The fact that the shifter doesn't feel like it's locking in leads me to question the transmission or the install of the transmission. Didn't you have to have your clutch changed right after the transmission was installed?
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