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engine swap

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Will swap an engine from 11 eco to 12 LS. Junk yard says only have to swap intake manifold. Any info on this will be helpful. Same engine. Thanks.
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May want to take a look at this, assuming you are in the USA.

Huge difference between that Eco 1.4L turbo and the LS 1.8L, feel it legal, as long as you get the wring harness and all the electronics off that Eco. Plus all the emission control devices including the exhaust system.
Quite difficult to change a non-turbo to turbo motor. Lots of different wiring and plumbing stuff you'd have to get from the other car - if it would even work with the ECU at all (doubtful).

You can swap a motor between a 1.8 and 1.8 fairly easily, not 1.8 to 1.4.
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Both are 1.4 turbo
LS = 1.8

If the other car in question is indeed a 1.4, there will be no issue.
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