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With the IIHS and DOT designing unibodies, not much difference between a Cruze or a Caddy, or a Lexus. Old GM card greatly offset the initial cost of the Cruze.

Would take my old 04 Cavalier electrics any day over the Cruze, used real power switches, very reliable and trouble free. This BCM all controlled stuff using made in China point contact relays is another new problem. Had wind up windows that worked even with a dead battery, and none of these ABS, traction control, TPMS BS that cost an arm and a leg to repair or replace.

Very little ethanol gas back then, and no such thing as winter gas, was a good 37 mpg vehicle, both winter and summer, that sure changed with winter gas and ethanol. Cavalier said could use E10 on a very limited basis, whatever in the heck that meant.

Cobalt seats were a back breaker, no interest in this car.

Key attractive feature of the Cruze, added lots of body insulation for a very quiet ride, ha, when I drove our very nice running Cavalier to the wrecking yard because of severe unibody rust due to road salt, forgot how noisy that car was. Road salt is a major problem with practically any vehicle, even many SUV are switching over to unibodies.

But then we have guys on this board that want to make their Cruze's noisier, this is their prerogative, ha, not any faster nor better fuel economy, just more noise.

Those other cars, Eric listed are a lot noisier, failed to mention that. We got the 2LT with better suspension, handles much better. Another key objection I have to the Cruze, way too log, really have to watch parking ramps.

SUV's and Pickup's may be a more profitable business, but for the rest of us, a PITA, take up two parking spaces and use a lot more fuel creating a much higher demand that skyrockets the price for all of us. Reason people buy these if for the feeling of power on the road and feel like they own it.

Yes, there is such a thing as political automotive, and getting more political than practical.
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