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Really don't comprehend some of these dash display codes, is your CEL on? If you don't have a scanner, can go to Auto Zone or someplace and either get the more common B or P codes. And post these.

Does your Cruze have any other symptoms besides this code? Ha, the huge variety of vehicles I worked on going way back to the 1920's had no codes at all. Then OBD I came along with two digit numeric codes, in 1996 started with OBD II with so many different codes had to use a letter with a four digit code. Cruze has several hundred different codes, B, C, P, and U codes.

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Should also mention the country of origin.

Vehicle Messages
(Canada Base Level)
DIC messages display when the
status of the vehicle has changed
and action may be needed to
correct the condition. Multiple
messages appear one after another.
Press any of the DIC buttons on the
turn signal lever to acknowledge
and clear them from the display.
More urgent messages cannot be
cleared from the DIC display.
All messages should be taken
seriously. Clearing messages will
not correct the problem.
On the Canadian base level cluster,
vehicle messages appear as code
25: Left front turn indicator failure
26: Left rear turn indicator failure
27: Right front turn indicator failure
28: Right rear turn indicator failure
35: Replace battery in radio remote
53: Tighten gas cap
68: Service power steering
75: Service air conditioner
82: Change engine oil soon
84: Engine power is reduced
95: Service airbag

Vehicles made and sold in the USA show text messages, no numeric codes.

Like on the DIC, one example.


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Neutral safety/range switch could be slightly out of alignment. Ha, use to be only one wire on these things for the starter solenoid, then added another contact for backup lights. With the AT, aniti-thief, and AT contacts, a whole bunch of contacts.

They are adjustable.

Maybe GM should hire more translators to put these numeric codes in the language the vehicles are sold in. Codes are worthless without a book.
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