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Error code P0299

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Just came from Reno, NV to California on my way to California I got this light felt like the car kind of struggled up the high elevations but figured it was because we were going up a high mountain quickly. I got it back and it drives fine now but I need to drive around 700 miles tomorrow to get back home is this a cause for concern or can I make it back home safely?
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What year and how many miles? That's a turbo underboost code and could be indicating an issue with the turbo which would be covered under the powertrain warranty.
It's a 2014 Chevy Cruze 2LT just hit 50k and I would take it in to the dealer but I have to be back home by tomorrow which is about a 12 hour drive that's why I was asking if it would be alright if I drove it like that.
Personally I would not drive my car that far with any engine related error codes. Could be as simple as causing more damage or getting stranded on the side of the road. Did you reset the code when it came up? The reason I ask is sometimes codes like this will not spell eminent doom but are indicating a part that may be not quite up to spec any longer and will need to be replaced soon. Still not sure I would take that long of a risk, at least right now you can make plans and drive your car in for repair.
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My 2014 Cruze with 70k just starting losing power and hestitating. Then it started throwing the same code...the CEL would go off and then come back on. After 3 days of this I ripped the front apart to check for leaks. Found none and took it to the dealership. They did a great job....had it back the same day to me with a new turbook installed. The turbo housing by the exhaust valve was cracked. Very small rural chevy garage and they have seen at least 3 of these. This is a major problem with the casting / design that will emerge in the next year or so as these cars get more usage and miles on them.
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