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2014 LT program car, Pull Me Over Red, 1.4T Auto
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Would it be possible to install the euro headlight switch to pin in fog lights for the top button on the switch and pin in a light bar for the bottom button on the switch? Has anyone done this and be able to tell me the pin location for each?
I have this installed in my 2014 LT. The front fog lights dash light toggles, so that will work. I actually have a rear laser fog light installed and hoped to use the rear switch to operate it, but like you, cannot figure out how to do it. Somewhere on the forum, there is a thread that shows how someone brute forced it to work, but I have been looking on and off all day for it. I cannot find it.

For others looking, these two links will help in installing the fronts:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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