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Hi all

I'm looking for an online webshop where I can buy styling for my new Cruze LT 1.8 2014 (Black Carbon Flash).
My car will be delivered by end of october.

I fell in love with this Cruze:

So now I'm trying to find an online webshop in Europe (has to be Europe, or else I have to pay high taxes and toll).

The following is what I'm trying to find:
1. Chrome Fog light details: 2x Triple Chrome Car Front Rear Fog light Lamp Cover For CHEVY CRUZE | eBay

2. Bumper protecter: Carbon Style rear Bumper Protector Chevrolet Cruze J300 | eBay

3. Door sill protecter: Carbon Chrome Style door sill protectors Chevrolet Cruze | eBay

4. And maybe some LED front light details (cheap solution if possible).

I have no idea where to look to be honest. I tried, but I couldn't find anything for Cruze 2013.

Hope someone can help me out here. Really appreciate all kind of help.

Thanks in advance.
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