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I've been hearing what I thought was noisy injectors, coming from my engine bay for a while now. I was finally determined to figure out why my Cruze was so much louder than the rest. Found it to be the Evap purge solenoid, mounted to the intake maniold. Once the car is warmed up, and the valve is "purging", it repetitively clicks, many times a second, almost synchronous with the firing pulses of the engine. Unplug the wire connector, and it stops. Anybody else ever have this issue? A new AC Delco part is only $20. May replace it and see what happens.
Mine is doing the same thing and so I bought a new one too, although it was $50 at Autozone. After I install it I'll let you know if the clicking is gone. One way I determined the click is not the engine is that the clicking does not change frequency with engine RPMs. Then I listened with the hood opened and grabbed the purge valve solenoid in my hand and could feel the click right there.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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