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Never had problems with even GM Evaporative Emission systems when the carbon canister and vent valve were mounted high on the firewall under the protection of the engine road. But sure are problems when some idiot decided to mount them back at the fuel tank exposed to all kinds of road salt even driving through water puddles like under a viaduct with poor draining.

If the temperature drops below freezing, with excessive moisture this vent valve will freeze up, stay open and generate a class A code that stays there until you get your hands on a scanner to reset it. At times, just putting your car in a warm place is needed cure, so the valve can thaw out and dry up.

So where are you driving this thing?

A short is a very rare problem, most mechanics don't even know the difference between a short or an open, shorts blow fuses. With the connector also exposed to road crap, can be corroded, the difference between your vent valve and a new one, a new one has clean contacts.

I rarely replace them, just remove and clean them, hit them with 12V and make darn sure they hold a vacuum when closed. If you want them to live longer, if its snowing, salt trucks are running, or a heavy rain, just leave your Cruze in a nice warm heated garage. Or maybe we should leave them in a nice warm heated show room until they reconnect their brains and mount these components up high on the firewall like they use to.
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