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Exhaust and Interior upgrades

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New to the forum I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze eco model with the 1.4L Turbo and not gonna lie I was impressed with the car and the way it handled. Well finally my warranty has expired on it and so I am starting to put aftermarket performance parts on it to see what it can really do. I have put K&N CAI and a zzp downpipe and is straight piped and well it's loud and cops starting to get on to me so I was wondering what muffler sound the best on these cars I was going to go with a borla exhaust but not for sure. As far as the interior goes I am open for some cool ideas to do with it I will be posting some pics of my Cruze soon I have done a little bit to kind of spice up the interior but not a lot so please let me know what ideas u have. Thanks and nice to see so many people enjoying there Cruze
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Welcome to the forum. as far as what sounds best i think that is subjective. what you think sounds good i might not, so for that i can tell you my neighbor has flow master force (insert some number here i think 2 but i'm not positive) on his 12 Cruze ltz and it sounds like a not so obnoxious fart can Honda muffler where as my wife's Malibu has flow master american thunder series on it and it is more throaty and aggressive sounding. as for interior i recommend LED dome lights (quick easy and cheap) and next try vinyl wrapping some of the interior pieces its not that hard. it is an inexpensive way to personalize the interior. I also did the footwell lighting kit from DiodeDynamics great kit easy to install (the only thing i changed on that was the switch i wanted a blue led on it rather than the red it comes with). as always post pics.
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