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Exhaust cutout need help

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I'm thinking of installing an exhaust cutout, but looking at the system there seems there is no room between the cat and resonator. Would it be useless to place it after the resonator? Was thinking of just cutting out the resonator maybe? Appreciate advice, thanks.
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Cutouts are typically put in between the engine and the cat to allow unrestricted flow typically for race purposes putting it back after the resonator is still seeing most of the exhaust systems restriction. I know most of the 1st gen have 2 cats. on at the turbo and one approximately under the passenger seat.. followed by the resonator and finally the muffler at the very rear of the car
If your just doing it for the noise then yeah I guess putting it behind the resonator would work thats still almost to the back of the car.. this is the closest picture I could find at the moment. now mine has a longer resonator maybe its what they did for the year i dont know but mine extended almost the full length of that straight section

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Except the fuel tank is right there as well .. opt for a different reonator maybe or put between the cat and the resontor or another option still near the pipe inlet to the muffer ?
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