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Exhaust Leak Problem

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Hey everyone. I have a 2013 Cruze Eco 6M, with 110k miles, bone stock. Lately, I've started smelling exhaust while sitting at traffic lights, in traffic, or otherwise stopped with the engine running. When going down the highway, I don't smell it. I've looked under the hood, taken the heat shield off over the turbo, the clamp to the downpipe seems tight, the 3 bolt flange after the pre-cat seems tight. I can't seem to find where this exhaust is leaking from. I don't hear any leaks, the car sounds the same as it always has. Not sure if anyone has any ideas or has encountered this issue before. Thanks.
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You didn't specify, make sure the car is hot and running when you're checking for the leak at the engine (because your engine is basically idling and is hot when stopped). You may need to unplug the cooling fan so you can detect any small pulses. You could try an aggressive brake torque (if automatic) and watch for smoke at the engine area, this will put high pressure into the exhaust manifold.

Otherwise, your exhaust system extends all the way to the rear, so you may need to get it in the air, while the engine is running, and check out the whole system. Put your hand around and above all the joints and also your ears work good too.
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