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Exhaust-Preformance without the sound

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Hi everyone.

As the title suggests I'm looking to do my exhaust for the performance benefits but I'm not a big fan of loud exhaust. So, my question is there a cat back setup to some other mod that would give me the performance of aftermarket exhaust with out the added DBS?

I should also mention I am also planning on ordering the BNR Header & Down Pipe.

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What did you end up getting? I've had a GMPP exhaust on my 2009 Chevy Cobalt, and that was amazing it didn't drone on the highway but when I stepped on it, It produced a nice sound. I'm wondering because I just got my 2016 Cruze limited 1.8, and its not quiet and I was wondering if it will be too loud if I put a cat back exhaust.
You'll need two or three mufflers if you want to do the catless pipes from BNR and keep it silent.
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