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what exhaust route should I go?

  • a new secondary cat with a Resonator

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  • a new secondary cat with a new primary muffler

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  • or, a new cat with a diy primary muffler delete

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so having since bought the car I knew the exhaust had been "patched up" to what extent I'm not exactly sure of. but today I came off the highway to a car that trys to idle like it's a v8. listening around and checking on my knees, it seems that the pipe right after the second Cat has broke not sure if it is the cat side or the muffler side. but is leaking before the muffler

I've been looking at parts and a plenty of catalytic converters but for some reason I can only find "resonator pipes", when I'd probably be looking at getting the primary muffler replaced too. I'm not wanting the car to sound loud but how bad would a resonator pipe be in place of the primary muffler?
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