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Exhaust Tip

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As usual in my car , the Cruze also will place , exhaust tip
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Where did you get that from?
after market , it is welded to Exhaust.
did it have the perfect bend so just slide on & weld? if yes do you have a link for that tip please? thank you & looks good
Place it in a store tailpipes near my house (I'm from Argentina ) . It is a universal Tip , you can put in any car that has the exhaust outlet as the Cruze. Total cost U$ 30

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Hi Marcoab, what model is your Cruze?
Having some issues with my Cruze regarding brakes, DRL´s...from Argentina also, so I think you could help me comparing
Like the exhaust, something I will install in a not distant future...
Hola, tengo un LT como te conteste por MP
As usual in my car , the Cruze also will place , exhaust tip
Hit, really nice work. Does this gives some improved sound? Can you please send a pic from underneath? So I can see how you did that. Thanks in advance.
Hi, any chance for those under pics? I really wanna see how you attached it..thanks
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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