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Experiance with diablo tune?

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Okay so has anyone ever used diablo tune on the 1.4 and if so how did it go? Any issue arise? My cousin has the tuner i would just need to buy the tune for 100 dollars . but would like to know of peoples experience with this before i void my warranty and or mess up my ride. Thanks.
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Website says it adds 30 H.P. on 93 octane. On a 3,000 plus pound car I don't imagine it will feel a whole lot quicker, but for 100 bucks, might give it a try.
I'd like to know where you're getting it for $100.
Its a holiday special they are running if you allready own the tuner. Heres a link as proof.
Yeah that is true not sure if the power gain is worth even 100 dollars since im so cheap .
Holiday special look up diablo liscenses if you already own a tuner its 100 to add another car
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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