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I have been trying to decide whether I should get the K&N or get the AEM for mine. I understand the range of Hp gain is minimal with the AEM and in the winter the cold air will worsen mileage.
Cold air intake will always make mpg worse than warm air intakes ... simply for the fact that your computer will cut back on fuel supplied when the intake air is warmer. Don't get me wrong, on my '12 Eco, the Injen CAI was good for mpg increase overall, and definitely made it possible to hear the blow-off when shifting (though I doubt you'll hear much of that on a Diesel automatic anyway, no matter what). I did step on the gas more aggressively after the CAI install because of that beautiful noise too :grin: and people would actually look at the car like they were in shock from hearing a BOV on a Cruze Eco. I'm sure you could figure out a way to make something work for you. I know I tried multiple configurations of intakes on my Escalade, and determined that my best mpg ratings came from the factory air box, with a drop-in dry flow AEM filter, and the intake tube from a Volant intake kit that I had lying around after getting rid of a Chevy Avalanche. Best of luck finding something that works well and gives you the benefits you're hoping for.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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