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Extended Oil Life between changes

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I have always changed the oil and filter when the DIC says so (around 5-15% left). I always use full synthetic (not a blend) and a quality filter (non-Fram, lol). I estimate I get ~6-7k between changes. I recently found an “extended life” filter. It says it should last “15,000 if used with synthetic oil.”

My plan is to get 2 OLM “cycles” (i.e. ~12-14k miles) with synthetic oil and this new “extended” filter. Anyone think this may be an issue? I did read through most of the oil postings here (and the extensive group 3/4 synthetic discussion). I have a 1.8L LS (NA motor, so not much turbo shearing to worry about) and my driving habits are 90+% long highway miles. I guess I could send a sample to Blackstone afterward, but I’m seeing if anyone here may have personal experience.
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A good group 4-5 oil would do this interval without issue with just a filter change at a standard OCI.
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