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My son is graduating from college in a few weeks, has a reliable but tired 2005 Pontiac vibe, is same as Toyota Matrix, his has close to 150k miles, few minor issues but been a good car. We drove a new Honda Civic hatchback yesterday. We both liked it but not sure he will like the payments, I think we may be leaning more towards a 2012 Ford Fusion or 2013 Ford Escape that is certified, which gives him a 1 year 12k ford warranty and 7 years or 100k drivetrain. He likes the escape little better. My preference over some extended third party warranty is a manufacturer warranty and right now the certified warranties are pretty compelling especially if your budget is a little tighter and can't afford a new car.

I get almost daily calls from these crooked third party extended warranties for previous cars I have owned. I truly believe many of them are nothing short of a scam.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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