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Hi forum! I just installed 4 new speakers + an amplifier, but I´m still using the original radio. I don´t want to change it, because I want to preserve the original aspect of the dashboard.
Everything sounds ok, but the radio equalizer is very limited in my opinion. I was thinking about adding an external eq to the sound signal, like this one for example:

NVX XEQ7 1/2 DIN 7-Band Graphic Equalizer w/2 Aux Input, Sub Control

Has anyone installed these? I know there are some technical details about "voltage compatibility". Somebody has any technical tips I should know?

Thanks a lot! Great forum by the way!

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Hi pal, thanks a lot for your quick answer! I made a little search on the MiniDSP and it looks very good!
I see there are a lot of options: 2 x in 4 out; 2 x in 4 out balanced; 2 x in 8 out; etc.

I have the following equipment installed in my car: (I´ll have a subwoofer in the next 15 days too...)

4 blaupunkt speakers, with their own separate tweeter: Blaupunkt Blue Magic CX 160 - 6 inch 260 Watt Component Speaker System: Car Electronics

This is my amp: Blaupunkt EMA 455 600-Watt 4-Channel Amplifier: Car Electronics

Having these installed, what MiniDSP do you think I need?

With this setup, the stock radio signal (which is already equalized) goes into the amp, and then into the speakers. Please, correct me if I´m wrong, but if I add the MiniDSP, the signal should go like this?:

Stock radio out > MiniDSP In
MiniDSP Out > Amp In
Amp Out > Speakers

In resume, these are my questions:

- Can the stock equalizer of the Cruze be bypassed?
- How do I add the MiniDSP to the signal line? Please note that I have an original stock radio. Which cables/ connectors are appropiate for this?
- Are the stock radio voltages compatible with the MiniDSP? Do I need any converters for this?
- From what I´ve searched, the MiniDSP is a computer sound card. How is this installed inside the car?

I´m sorry if these are dumb questions, but I´m really learning here, and it´s my first time with all these car/audio thing!

Thanks a lot for your help people,

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Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate your help!
If my understanding is correct, this is what I need to do:

- Use factory amp to power left & right rear speakers and tweeters.
- Use new amp to power left & right front speakers and tweeters.
- Buy a MiniDSP 2x4 unbalanced (MiniDSP 2x4 | MiniDSP) + a MiniDC.
- To add the Mini, I need a PAC AA-GM44 line converter.

The wiring should be like this?

Stock radio out > PAC

MiniDSP (Channel 1,2,3,4) > Amp #1 (new)
Amp #1 (new) > Front speakers (2) and tweeters (2)

Stock Amp > PAC
PAC > Rear speakers (2) and tweeters (2)


I have some more questions please:

* The MiniDSP should be:
- RevA / 0.9 VRMS Max or
- RevB / 2 VRMS Max?

Thank you very much for your help,

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Hi everyone! As suggested I just bought the MiniDSP + a MiniDC to have a better equalization.

- After installing the MiniDSP, what are your recommendations for the stock equalizer settings? Should I throw down the stock equalizer bass, mid and treble to -12; to have more versatility with the MiniDSP? or
- Do your think the stock equalizer should be flat?

I know it´s all about preferences, but maybe you guys can give me a technical clue about this!

Thanks a lot!
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