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Extreme Fuel Economy In my 15 Cruze!

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Hey Guys!! Im From Windsor, Ontario Canada and ever since I got my cruze I've been getting the worse fuel economy! I get 13.1L/100km in the city and i never drive on the highway and i enjoy to go quick at the start like at lights and stuff but I'm not always on the gas when driving?? I have a ZZP intake and muffler delete but i wouldn't think that is the reason.. My Average on Trip 1 has about 10000km on it and that is 10.9l/100km which is still bad... but maybe not because i never drive on the high way.. if someone has some advise or could tell me why i get these numbers i would really appreciate it. Thanks McWilly
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Plan a one hour drive on a highway........thats one hour each way.
Once at speed, in this experiment, target 60mph (whats 100kph or so?)
Set the cruise control and press the reset button for average mileage......enjoy the ride.
On return, do not reset average mileage but target 60mph again.

You are doing this to determine what highway mileage your car is capable of achieving.
If you do exactly as I recommended, you likely will be surprised at how well your car does......and you also will know how your, admittedly 'spirited' around town driving style is raising h ell with the fuel economy.

I think you will find your mileage concern is operator induced..........try it and see.

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13.1L/100km = 18.0 MPG
10.9l/100km = 20.6 MPG

If you're stuck at 25 MPH zones (40 km/h) and going from stop light to stop light on short trips, 18.0 is a bit low, but 20.6 is not unreasonable. At least based on my experience. The car needs some steady speed to get good MPG or L/km.
If tire pressure okay Fuel Economy in Cold Weather can be less than ideal ...
Windsor is about as south as you can get in Canada. It's actually south of Detroit. Or so they say.
Hey Rob Thanks For the Advice ill plan to do that this sunday and i will get back to u with the results:) have a good thanksgiving
i set my tires around 33psi for the winter
and a Fresh Mobile One Oil Change:) Getting Tune Friday Cant wait!!
Kinda wish you'd hold off on the tune till after you see what kind of mileage you achieve.

Also, minimum cold tire pressure, per your door label, I think is can go as high as the maximum cold pressure printed on the tire sidewall.

Ya Tune is for Christmas Present So wont be till after about January Ill Be Actually tuning the car. Do u have a tune Rob? Im getting the Trifecta Tune
My Cruze is my DD.....bone stock.

I've many other cars to horse around with.

I enjoy some "spirited" driving in city and have never seen 10L/100 kms let alone 13! I'll pull between 700 and 750 kms to a tank on the hwy.. Unless you're straight up driving it like it's stolen non-stop, I think you have a problem sir!
ya but the problem is that my dealer says oh its how i drive but really its not...Should I Call Gm Direct?
I work at a Gm dealership and just talked to the sales rep and he said that its because im driving for a short period of time everyday and i never use the high way and also i do drive the car very hard.. i love it haha
OP, do what Rob suggested. Before you do however, set your tires to the door placard pressure - no lower, no higher. The reason you need to do this in both directions on a limited access highway is to eliminate the impact of hills. Even if you get a tune, don't load it until your fuel efficiency issue is resolved to your satisfaction. The tune just throws a whole new set of variables in.
I agree... Do the highway test first.. But man.. If you drive it THAT hard, lol.. Holay!
Well If i get a good rating when doing the highway test does that mean my car has no issues? Because if there was a issue the highway test will fail am i correct?
Could it also be because i have low km on my trip 2?
if your car never gets warmed up an nothing but short trips, trade in on a volt.
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