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Hello looking to sell my Autometer gauges owned them for about a year now.
Everything is in good working condition the gauge cases have some wear and tear from going in and out of the pillar holes and some discoloration from bulb heat at socket but nothing that affects how they work.

The Boost/ Vac gauge comes with all nipples and line to hook up to a Throttle body spacer. I'm sorry I do not still have the line that came with it so the line provided may be to short for most. But a quick run to the hardware store should cover everything.

The oil pressure gauge is mechanical and doesn't come with anything but the gauge its self and the light harness. I had it installed at one point and didn't seal the fittings well and got oil inside my pillar. Currently it just lights up and looks cool.

I did put blue led lights in them to match my dash. I will be removing and selling with the original clear bulb that came with them.

buyer pays shipping and Paypal fee

$100 for both or best offer

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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