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Hello, I wanted to make this post so everyone knows the weight of the OEM, factory, stock air box. I personally did my switch to a Injen CAI, instead of SRI.

Chevrolet Cruze ECO 1.4L Turbo
Airbox and associated parts weight = 6.2lbs
Parts Included:
- Main airbox (Including all parts, filter, misc...)
- Hoses leading from airbox to resonator (Fitting which connects hose and resonator)
- Resonator (Gasket too)
- Drain hose (Including clips)
*Note: I did not take off the airbox snokel (piping from resonator to front bumper, I assume this part weighs about .8lb

Parts Installed = Injen Cold Air Intake; weight approx 7.8lbs (If you choose to install only the Short Ram, assume about 1lb less)
*These numbers are approx to within 1.5oz

*If you have an accurate weight of the box and removed parts from the CAI or SRI install on a 1.8L or 1.6L feel free to post them.
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