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I bought an OEM-fit sub for my 2012 Cruze for $700 about a year ago. I don't really want it anymore so I thought I'd sell it. It fits ok and the wiring was very easy to install. The sub fits in the trunk pocket on the driver's side with 2 10mm bolts at the factory pre-drilled locations (covered by the trunk liner). The only wiring connections are the power wire (routes through factory grommet in firewall) and two quick-connect speaker connections to the wiring on the OEM radio harness behind the radio.

Just wondering if there is any interest in this? Not sure how much to ask but $500 seemed fair to me. Of course, best offers are always acceptable, too. I have a bunch of pictures of everything if needed. PM me and I can send them to you. I'm not sure if linking is allowed but if so, here's a link to Amazon where I bought it:

I can only take Paypal unless you're in the Saint Paul, MN area and want to pick it up in person.

Thanks! Nate
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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