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So you guys want to get your hands dirty . Here we go then . We will need to find a team of programers and decipher the data signals .. with these itegration units all that is achieved is a simple signal translated to the HU so the HU can be operated with the steering wheel buttons wee ..

You guys really need to look into another direction and write the software required to recieve the data signals for full functionality of all of the signals like temperature controls and othe functions of the BCM ..yeah tricky .well these guys over on the Mustang forum are doing iT and achieving far greater than I thought possible considering I have Factory Nav , XM and cell plus Temp on an 8 inch touch scrren that powers 8 speakers digitally ..

It would be in the programing and wiring that have to be managed ..I had to get with some serius techs whom do alot of hands on with hardware to get a better idea of what is necesary to send and recieve these signals .

Also we haave to have these sourced into the electronic components from the factory Security Coding because of theft of such products by the black market profiteers . OH well live and learn ..
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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