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Hello Folks,

I've installed an Aftermarket AMP , Speakers & a Sub. The thing is that my sound has got Loud, but the problem is the Sound quality has dropped significantly and the Tweeters are sounding Harsh now.

My Factory system was: Single din Headunit & four speakers as you know.

Parts I've installed on the Factory Headunit:

Fronts: JBL GTO609C
Rears: JBL Stage 602E
Sub: JBL CS1214T In-Car Bass Subwoofer Tube
Amplifier: Pioneer GM-D9605 (75 wattsx4 @4 ohms)
Wires: I believe 7 awg power cables & 15 AWG Ground Zero Cables.

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Ok so here is the Problem, the sound has become louder but then when i increase the Volume beyond 20 or so I'm hearing the tweeter Scream in my ears and of course Midbass isn't present much.

I've set the gains below normal which improved the sound quality but still it's sounding worse than the Original Setup.

The Installer said that the my OEM Headunit has Low output Voltage so it's gonna sound like trash no matter what parts I install or do with it. He also Insisted that my AMP is Crap and needs to be changed to get more power.

I can believe on the 1 st argument of the OEM Headunit with low output voltage, but the 2nd argument that my AMP is Underpowered or bad isn't true I feel. The Pioneer Amp puts out 75 watts x4 RMS @ 4ohms and my JBLs are 3 OHMS, & I'm running this on Bridged mode already.

But I would like to know what's the issue? Why is the sound quality bad at moderate to high volumes even after instaling amp , speakers and sub?


The sound is lacking the Fullness or say Depth. What's the problem here? Any suggestions to improve the sound?
I know it is late to help you, but maybe it will help someone else... Weak bass/midbass is often caused by phasing issues. Roll the balance control to full left or full right and see if the midbass improves, you can take it a step further by fading to all front or rear to further isolate the speakers. If the midbass/bass improves you are experiencing phase related cancellation where the left and right signals are out of phase and the lower frequencies are cancelling each other out. Give it a try... If it is better simply swap the polarity of one channel and that could offer a great improvement.

This issue could also rear its ugly head on the output from the head unit and input to the amp if the installer wired it incorrectly...
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